This NOTICE OF RIGHT TO OPT-OUT OF SALE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION (“OPT-OUT NOTICE”) is provided to inform California residents of their right to direct Nissan North America, Inc. (“Nissan” or “we”) to stop selling their personal information now and in the future.

In reviewing this Opt-Out Notice, you also may want to review the Nissan Privacy Policy, which describes our privacy policy, including with respect to the sale of your information. This Opt-Out Notice applies to individuals who reside in the State of California and whose personal information Nissan sells (“consumers” or “you”). Nissan is providing you with this notice to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) and other California privacy laws. Any terms defined in the CCPA have the same meaning when used in this Opt-Out Notice.

Right to Opt-Out

Under the CCPA, California residents have the right to direct businesses not to sell their personal information if the businesses otherwise would. This is known as the “right to opt out.”

How to Opt-Out

You may opt out of the sale of personal information by contacting Nissan’s Data Privacy line at 1-877-NIS-CCPA or by completing this web form: 


How to Opt Back In

If you would like to opt back in to the sale of your personal information, you may do so by contacting Nissan’s Data Privacy line at 1-877-NIS-CCPA.

Proof Required to Opt-Out

In order to opt-out, the CCPA requires Nissan to verify your identity - in other words, we need to know that you are who you say you are. This is to keep others from exercising your rights without your permission. In order to complete your opt-out, you will need to provide information to prove your identity, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Email address